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                  GRUDGE RACING RULES (The Fucking Law)
    1. All races , events or challenges are co-ordinated by and through the RaceMaster.
    2. Run what you brung racing , there are no excuses (Gaan huil by jou ma !)
    3. Race Distance is Six Hundred (600) Meters.
    4. Race venue , time and date will be determined and announced in advance to invited parties.
    5. Any Racer may only occupy one (1) spot in the Ranking at any particular time.
    6. Any racer challenged has one (1) calendar week to respond and race or lose your spot by default.
    7. Racers may only challenge one rank higher than his / her own ranking.
        The exeption is the number # 15 Position who may be challenged by anyone.
    8. The Ranks will be filled from the bottom up initially.
    9. As far as possible starts and finishes will be Video taped , this will assist with protests.
   10. Protests are lodged with the Racemaster who will review all media and make a ruling.
   11. Rulings and descisions by the RaceMaster are final , if you do not comply you are not welcome.
   12. Jump starts will automatically lead to disqualification of that race - you lose your spot , the other    
         Racer wins.
   13. Re-races are at the discretion of the Higher Ranked Racer only if he won the preceeding race.
   14. Bikes may challenge Cars and Vise-Versa for a Spot in the Overall Rankings.
   15. A R 20.00 fee per race is applicable and goes towards Website maintenance and Costs.
   16. Top 10 Racers can elect a Racemaster , who also maintains the Website , Boards etc.
   17. There will be no Draughting , Slipstreaming or Slingshotting , if you cross the centre line - YOU LOSE !
   18. As Club lists become occupied we will jointly decide who will move to PRO Rankings.
   19. If racing is interupted for whatever reason everybody will meet back at the assembly point to verify                  positions , lodge protests or re-challenge.
   20. After a race competitors must stop and look where your opponent is before returning to start line.
         We do not want to take each other out.

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